The Last Oricru Is Demo On Xbox Series X/S: New Videos On The ‘Fanta-Medievale’ Gdr

After confirming their participation in the [email protected] Winter Game Fest for the TGA 2021, Prime Matter’s top players publish new video games from The Last Oricru to remind us that the GDR ‘fanta-medi

The new project signed by Prime Matter and software house indie GoldKnights projects us on a partially terraformed planet to help us witness the violent war between two races that is determined to control the scarce planetary resources that escape destruction Through the actions undertaken by the players it will be possible to change the course of events and the outcome of the conflict, with all the consequences that we can easily guess in terms of longevity and replayability.

On the gameplay front, the new movies made by the developers give us the image of a title from the combat system as deep and stratified as ever, between fights difficult to master and a rich plethora of attacks to learn to use in the best of All this, with the additional possibility offered by the cooperative on a shared screen that will cross the entire main campaign.

The Last Oricru demo version can be played on Xbox until December 21st to get a taste of the gaming experience that awaits us on 2022, with the official release of this original project on PC, PlayStation 5 and X

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