The Last Of Us For Ps1: After Bloodborne, A New 32-Bit Demake

We told you about the fascinating demake of Bloodborne style PS1, coming free of charge in January on PC. Apparently, the nostalgia effect continues to involve illustrious names, and it is worth highlighting another amateur work in the same same strings, perfectly between modernity and the remote past.

After showing demo model genarazione 32-bit of Resident Evil 4 and the first God of War, the Youtube Rustic Games BR channel, specializing in “rustic games in low resolution” try again with the low revision

In the four minutes of video we can watch a familiarly different version of the classic originally released in 2013 on PlayStation 3. Naughty Dog’s survival adventure is reinterpreted following explicitly the model of another masterpiece that remains in the hearts of many, that is the unforgettable Metal Gears Solid.

The odyssey of Joel and Ellie is then re-proposed with an unprecedented visual from above, which occasionally stands behind the characters to emphasize certain moments and allow to focus on the battlefield. A choice in all and for all similar to that of Hideo Kojima’s work, for a change of perspective useful to mark the stealth nature of the interactions of The Last of Us.

Also in this version Joel is to move in the shadows, preferring to sneak unseen to hit the enemies behind rather than act frontally. • an ideal tactic also to save the few resources available. The top right radar, in perfect Metal Gear style, serves this purpose: you have to observe the eye cone of your opponents to figure out how to move, while Ellie is managed by artificial intelligence. In extreme cases, it is possible to use weapons: under such circumstances, the camera passes into subjective, and is targeted directly at the target.

As with Bloodborne, the work done in aesthetic terms is certainly noteworthy: from the lowpoly modeling of characters to environmental textures, the effect is both faithful to the original and at the time that the demake intends to or We hope to see in the future some more piece of this project, perhaps with the iconic clickers that for some reason do not appear in the video.

At the moment, it is not allowed to know whether this version of The Last of Us is destined to remain a mere oddity of the internet or whether, as for Bloodborne, there is the intention to release this project in the future in free form. Of course we will update you if you develop further, but in the meantime the word goes to you: would you like to play with Joel and Ellie PS1 format?

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