The Last Of Us: 5 Curiosities About The Series You May Not Know Waiting For Remake

While the remake of the first chapter of The Last of Us is intensifying, we discover 5 curiosities together that you may not know about the cult series of Sony and Naughty Dog.

The first curiosity we propose is linked to Ellie’s surname, the key figure of the saga and character entirely playable during The Last of Us Part II. The full name of the girl (Ellie Williams) had originally appeared in the Japanese manuals of the first episode for PlayStation 3, but Neil Druckmann recently dissipated doubts about the issue.

The second curiosity concerns The Last of Us Part II and the role that Abby Anderson should have played at the beginning of the adventure. In addition to revealing the plans rejected by Naughty Dog in the development phase, the argument risks to constitute a spoiler for those who have not yet played the title, case in which we recommend you to proceed to the next point.

The third curiosity reveals how Naughty Dog has been inspired by mobile apps that allow you to create music to be able to make the mini-game of guitar in The Last of Us Part II. The work done by the software house proved incredible, with an unparalleled attention to detail and realistic animations.

So we go on to talk about Esther, Joel’s companion who should have appeared inside a playable sequence. Although her role was decided upon in the development phase, the woman was finally discarded for fear of not having deepened her role enough and for her inappropriate relationship with Ellie.

The last curiosity we propose is the famous dance scene in The Last of Us Part II, one of the most intimate and delicate moments for Ellie. It was originally a playable and more multifaceted sequence, but in the end Naughty Dog opted for a more kinematic solution.

Meanwhile, the voices related to The Last of Us Part II Director’s Cut are coming along, apparently coming up on PS5 this year.

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