The Last Of Us 2: The Bloater Games Room Really Exists, But It Will Soon Be Closed

Those who played The Last of Us Part II will hardly forget the arcade-filled arcade arcade room where Ellie fights a mighty Bloater, one of the most dangerous creatures in the game Naughty Dog. It is one of the most memorable boss fights in the game, and apparently it is set in a place really present in Seattle.

It seems, however, that the business will soon be closed by the owners, probably due to financial problems. The report came from several Twitter users who confirm that the closure of GameWorks – that’s the name of the Seattle Games Room – is imminent, and could even be in progress now.

Through the information collected by the editorial staff of Kotaku we find that the GameWorks group that was in charge of Seattle headquarters will definitely close its doors due to unhappy management of the business, although it is not clear when the operation will enter Apparently, employees received one week’s notice before the news became public. The Video Game History Foundation has already been charged with doing everything possible to preserve the videogaming importance this place has assumed in the construction of The Last of Us Part II and one of the most excited moments of Ellie’s adventure.

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