The Last Of Us 2: Naughty Dog Tells The Genesis Of The ‘Interactive Guitar’

From the pages of the PlayStation Blog, the Naughty Dog boys retrace the stages of the laborious creative journey made in shaping the gameplay (and narrative) sessions related to the “interactive guitar” played by

The Californian subsidiary of PlayStation Studios starts from the observation that “in our titles music has always played a decisive role, but in TLOU 2 we knew we had to take a step further, delivering sounds directly into the hands of the players. The idea came from a narrative angle: from the first plot we had laid out for the story, to our first official trailer, we wanted to put the guitar in the center of the scene. We designers wanted to make it a playable instrument from the beginning, so that players could feel that connection between Joel and Ellie.”

Naughty Dog’s team then enters into the merit of the mini-game linked to the use of guitar and the need to make it adhere to the narrative context of a post-apocalyptic world that, especially in TLOU 2, is really A carefree and’read’ mini-game would turn out to be out of place in that setting. Also, when Ellie plays, she doesn’t do it to show off her instrumental skills, nor does she dream of becoming a rock star. Ellie plays because she wants to be lulled by the most dear melodies to her, wants to immerse herself in the memories of her affections and express her connection with them in that way.”

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