The Last Of Us 2, A Rare Animation Surprises The Players: Have You Ever Seen It?

A year after the launch, players who have not yet got tired of The Last of Us Part II continue to discover the microscopic details that developers of Naughty Dog have hidden within his last effort.

After discovering the animation that Ellie is able to recover ammo on the fly during the fierce firefights, players have discovered another particular animation, which in this case sees the protagonist Abby (but which is probably feasible

During the mission “The Aquarium,” players take control of Abby during a flashback with Owen, where they explore an abandoned aquarium looking for objects and clues. As you can see through the short clip below, the girl is able to slide down the handrail on the stairs of the site visited, demonstrating how the developers have been particularly attentive to the animation sector of action-adventure. Perhaps some of you have already seen this contextual animation, but many on reddit have been surprised to watch the gameplay clip.

Clearly, this is a feature that does not change the dynamics of the gameplay of the title, but it helps us understand how the Neil Druckmann studio has taken care of even the smallest details in its production. Meanwhile, fans continue to hope for the announcement of The Last of Us 2 multiplayer, not yet officially confirmed by Naughty Dog.

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