The Lady Of Genshin Impact In An All-Italian Cosplay: Nyx Photos

Genshin Impact continues to be on the ridge of the wave even after a year and beyond from its official release date. The video game is preparing to welcome Shenhe with a new trailer with another playable character who prepares to make fame among the video players.

But there are not only playable characters who fascinate the enthusiasts. Although these are actually more charismatic and fascinating, as well as much more in contact with the player during the adventure, MiHoYo studio managed to create a character of Genshin Impact that however managed to attract even though it is from

Among the enemies, the charm of The Lady has certainly not gone unnoticed. Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter, octave of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, known as The Lady or even The Fair Lady, is an antagonist of Genshin Impact who has been able to cut out a The character’s name refers to German origins, but its appearance and nickname of Italian origins: for this reason we present a cosplay of The Lady of Genshin Impact created by the Italian Nyx, able to express her icy

Among the newest playable characters, however, there is Yae Miko with his cosplays to win attention.

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