The House Is In Danger Of Being On Fire But A German Continues To Play At The Playstation

Have you ever been so deeply immersed in a video game that you lose contact with the outside world? Almost certainly, but what happened to a citizen of Soest, Germany, has incredible.

Last Wednesday, a group of passersby noticed smoke coming out of a window in a condominium in the town of Rhineland and alerted the fire department. However, rescuers were shocked when, entering the house with gas masks and self-breathers, they found a man quietly intent on playing at the PlayStation, so abducted by what he was doing that he did not notice the smoke that A fire department spokesman explained that the view in the rooms was already seriously limited, with barely visible furnishings.

The man, apparently, had forgotten the Bolognese sauce on the fire. Fortunately, he was completely unharmed, but the fire spokesman explained that there was little time left for a real fire to break out. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to know what the game has fascinated him so much that we do not make him realize that he is in danger of life, nor the model of the PlayStation console in his possession.

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