The Gunk: The First 15 Minutes Of The Ski-Fi Adventure Coming On Pc, Xbox And Game Pass

After confirming the release date of The Gunk on PC and Xbox, the top of Thunderful Games show from the pages of the first fifteen minutes of their next sci-fi adventure now close to the launch on Microsoft Store and

The new project signed by the authors of Image & Form (SteamWorld) sees Rani as the protagonist, a space explorer who will end up sucking herself into the Dante’s circle of an alien infious planet

The first gameplay sessions of the initial missions will serve Rani and his emuli to familiarize himself with equipment like Power Glove, a multi-function tool that will allow the protagonist to defend himself and acquire scientific data on bizarre creatures and

Before leaving you at the latest video gameplay of The Gunk, please note that the new action adventure of Thunderful and Image & Form will be available from December 16 on PC, Xbox One,Xbox Series X/S

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