The Games To Keep An Eye On In 2022, First Part: From Eden Ring To Hogwarts Legacy

The last two years have not been at all easy for the gaming industry, which had to deal with the complications generated by the pandemic and was forced to postpone many games. The situation, in any case, can only improve in the future, and not by chance we expect a very rich 2022.

We have therefore well thought of preparing a rich Special Video to prepare you for the invasion of the next 12 months, but the games are so many that it has become necessary a division in two. In this first part, we mentioned all the most anticipated games in 2022 in alphabetical order from A to N.

We start with A Plague Tale: Requiem, who will tell of the new misadventures of Amicia and Hugo, forced to move south on a mysterious island, and we continue with Aftermath, a promising new th And then again the return of the explosive Sophie Neuenmuller to Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream, the alternative Soviet Union of Atomic Heart, the Avatar Na’vi:

Discover all the other games up to the letter N by watching the video attached in the news opening and reading our special on Most Wanted 2022: First Part, and then prepare for the arrival of the second part scheduled during the day tomorrow!

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