The Game Awards 2021: Round 2 Of Player’s Voice Starts, Leading It Takes Two

The second round of votes of the community for the TGA 2021 Player’s Voice Award officially begins: from the twenty round 1 video games, the new list drawn up by the organizers of The Game Awards 2021 includes “only” ten titles representing the most important games

The votes for the second round of Player’s Voice are therefore open to all fans and will remain until 03:00 Italian night between Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 December. At the end of the operation we will understand what the five video games will be that will pass to the final Round: the winner of the Player’s Voice GOTY will be announced during the The Game Awards 2021.

The real-time ranking of round 2 votes is temporarily leading It Takes Two: as we write, Hazelight and Josef Fares’s cooperative masterpiece leads the ranking with 14% of votes, slightly ahead of the race.

Let us know with a comment which video games you are cheering for the next round of the TGA 2021 Player’s Voice. To stay on the subject, please note that recently Geoff Keighley explained that during the 2021 Game Awards of the night between December 9th and 10th there will be at least 4 or 5 ads on the level of the gameplay reveal of Elden Ring

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