The Future Of Call Of Duty: Warzone Also On Ps4 And Ps5, New Games On Xbox For An Insider

After Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, many people wonder what Call of Duty’s future will be and many seem to have the pretty clear ideas about what Redmond’s house plans for the next COD games might be.

According to Jeff Grubb, only Call of Duty Warzone will remain multiplatform while the new “regular” games in the series will be published exclusively on Xbox, PC and Cloud. Insider Benji-Sales (as well as many other leaders and insiders, in fact) is also of the same opinion and points out that according to him, the main games of Call of Duty will only arrive on the platforms of the Microsoft ecosystem while the Ba

As mentioned, many people expect such a move and then Call of Duty on Game Pass would allow Redmond’s company to push their subscriptions thanks to a title of huge appeal to the generalist audience. But this is only a hypothesis and there is no confirmation of this, and we must not forget that Call of Duty has marketing agreements with PlayStation, these will be honored as happened in the cases of Deathloop and GhostWire Tokyo, or

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