The First Doom Receives A Bizarre Free Mod With Nft Theme

In recent times you will have heard of the NFTs, which are slowly invading the video game world as well, attracting the ire of players as happened recently in STALKER 2. Some people have decided to joke about it, like a modder of the very first DOOM.

Ultra.Boi, this is the name of the user who decided to get to work on the bizarre mod of the shooter, in fact distributed in a free way on the ModDB portal what takes the name of DOOM NFT. It is a modified version of the idSoftware title in the first person that allows you to play it in a very original way. In place of enemies we find a series of images taken from the Bored Ape Yacht Club, a rich collection of NFTs depicting a funny monkey in various versions. The player’s goal is not to take the primates to shot, but to take photographs to accumulate money. In short, it is a nice mod that has the objective of’scimmy’ the new fashion and make the players smile.

Before leaving you to a short film showing DOOM NFT on the move, we remind you that just a few days ago Ubisoft Quartz was announced, a particular initiative of the French company that concerns precisely the NFT.

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