The Elder Scrolls Online: The New Expansion Will Take Us To A New World For The Series

ZeniMax Online and Bethesda’s boys are preparing for the presentation of the next annual adventure of The Elder Scrolls Online, which, judging by the movie theater just appeared on the net, promises to be memorable

The curators of the MMORPG will meet at 21:00 on Thursday 27 January for the presentation of the next expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online, which will accompany all the players on an exciting journey into a world never seen

The name of this new land is unknown at the moment, but the teaser trailer shared for the occasion offers us some valuable clues showing us a coastal city reached not without difficulty by a series of unfortunate adventurers, who have had to face a Where are we at? What if it was a completely new continent?

We will discover it on January 27, when the next annual adventure of The Elder Scroll Online will be presented. The last two expansions, Blackwood and Greymoor, have brought us to the regions of two well-known games, namely Oblivion and Skyrim, so the curiosity for the future of the MMORPG is skyrocketing.

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