The E3 Died According To Jason Schreier: The Covid Has Nothing To Do With The Online Edition

With great regret for those who were waiting for his triumphant return to Los Angelese, the E3 2022 will be held in online format due to the dangers related to the Covid-19 and the Omicron variant that in recent weeks is making the

A plausible justification is that of the Entertainment Software Association, which is, however, rejected in full by Jason Schreier, a well-known journalist from Bloomberg. As you can see by looking at a recent message from Schreier on Twitter, Schreier considers the E3 a virtually dead event, and there is no reason to organize the show in the presence of the E3.

The impression of the videogaming journalist is that ESA had already made its decision months ago, supported by the fact that the dates were still missing on the event’s website. “It was not an instinctive reaction to the Omicron variant,” Schreier says. “It’s just the E3 that throws the towel.” In June 2021, ESA had initially announced that it would return E3 2022 to Los Angeles.

While considering its positive aspects, including the much more low cost of exhibitors, the digital version of the E3 has not at the moment been enthusiastic, and there are many fans who would like to return to the fair that We will see what changes ESA will bring to the 2022 edition, and if it will be able to involve the public more than last year.

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