The Day Before: New Trailer In 4K With Ray Tracing For Post-Pandemic Mmo

Mytona and Fntastic took advantage of NVIDIA’s presentation at CES 2022 to showcase a brand new trailer by The Day Before, promising MMO survival set in a ruthless post-pandemic America.

The video, captured in 4K with RTX active on PC, is designed to show the muscles of the technical section of this specific version of the game, which can boast support for the most advanced technologies of the house of Santa Clara, including NVIDIA DLSS, reflex The Day Before does not seem to disappoint from a graphical point of view, as you can see, also directing yourself to the news.

The game, remember, is expected for 21 June 2022 on PC. Developers are also working on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X-X-X, unfortunately still without a release date. The Day Before has immediately captured our attention to the aesthetics and formula of the game between The Last of Us and The Division. It is a MMO of survival in the open world set in an America devastated by a pandemic, which has transformed the inhabitants into infected hungry of human flesh. You can use realistic weapons, search vehicle environments and participate in the restoration of pre-pandemic society. Read our last preview of The Day Before.

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