The Best Ps4 And Ps5 Games In 2021: All Playstation Prize Winners

We have now reached the end of 2021 and it is time, as every year, to draw the sums. The PlayStation Blog pages have selected the best PS4 and PS5 games of the year, and let’s see all the winners together!

Let’s start with the most important category. The best PS5 game of the year was Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, which defeated the competition represented by Resident Evil Village, Return and Marvels Guardians of the Insomniac’s interdimensional adventure has proved to be a technical experience, as well as a pleasant confirmation on the play side, for a saga that continues, after years, to maintain itself on the highest standards of fun. It is not surprising, in this regard, that Insomniac Games is the one that is beating competition in the best study category of the year. After the results achieved with Marvel Plus Spider-Man and with Ratchet and Clank, without forgetting the future video game transposition of Wolverine, it cannot be denied that Burbank’s studio is one of the most talented collectives in circulation.

As for the previous generation, instead, it is Resident Evil Village who wins the prize for best PS4 game. Dragling, disturbing and artistically high profile, Capcom’s horror may not be the most balanced chapter of the saga, but it has been able to give shape and substance to an adventure not to be missed. Staying at home Capcom: for the category Best new character to win was the throne Alcina Dimitrescu, the vampire countess of Resident Evil Village who has become a cult icon As fascinating as it is dangerous, Lady Dimitrescu hunts poor Ethan within the walls of his labyrinthine castle, confirming a disturbing and undoubtedly unforgettable presence.

And the best story award goes Resident Evil Village. As we wrote in our review, Ethan Winters’ new adventure is the meeting point between different horror types, which take on the Lord’s appearance at the service of the terrifying Mother Miranda. A nightmare with many forms, rich in suggestions borrowed of weight from genre cinematography. In addition to a horror story, the village story is also the ferocious story of a father looking desperately for his daughter, which leads to a final undoubtedly impact.

And we return from Insomniac Games for the best artistic direction category: Rift Apart wins on opponents of remarkable determination like Little Nightmares 2 and It Takes Two. Despite the visionary power of the other candidates, the visual variety of planets and dimensions visited by Ratchet and Rivet has been the best, conquering Sony’s audience without reservation. The award for Best Soundtrack is then well-nigh in the hands of Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy (to learn more about our review of Guardians of the Galaxy). Without taking away anything from the other nominated, like Final Fantasy 7 Integrade, Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island and NieR Replicant, the victory was quite predictable: the Guardians’ soundtrack of the Galaxy is a Between original tracks and licensed tracks, the selection made by the development team is absolutely exceptional.

With the 2021 Best Game Awards, It Takes Two wins the PlayStation Blog as the best multiplayer experience. Joseph Fares’ masterpiece is a title with an unusual inventiveness, with a changing gameplay that, exploiting the cooperative for two players, staged a sequel to the playful situations of dizziness.

And now the line to sport: even before rivals of a certain thickness such as Riders Republic and NBA 2K22, FIFA 22 wins the prize as Best Sports Game. The HyperMotion technology was certainly the guarantee of the triumph, which allowed Electronic Arts to give the series a renewed push towards visual realism. The combination of new animations and the use of DualSense, without forgetting the usual, disproportionate amount of content, has in short given rise to one of the richest FIFA ever.

The statue for better accessibility goes to Ghost of Tsushima Director of Cut which added both four new layouts of controls compared to the original edition, both the possibility to select subtitles and larger texts, and the faculty of

And speaking of the Sony controller, Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart is winning for the best use of DualSense: the PlayStation 5 pad maximizes the potential of the large arsenal, adding a strong sense of sense The visual quality is combined with the tactile quality, for an immersive adventure like few others.

And it is no coincidence that the prize for the best graphics remains anchored in the hands of Insominiac. We have already repeated this several times: on a strictly technical level, Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart is one of the most cutting-edge games ever. Lighting, polygonal modelling, visual effects and excellent use of Sony’s SSD make it a title that really shows the muscles of next gen.

Let’s now move to the category Best reissue, which sees in the first place of the podium Ghost of Tsushima Director of Cut: Sucker Punch’s work not only adds some visual improvements and the features of DualSense, but introduces

From the shores of the Triple A, we move to the banks of the indie realm.

The crown of the best independent game of the year goes to Kena Bridge of Spirits (we praised him too in the review of Kena Bridge of Spirits), the wonderful adventure of Ember Lab that managed to beat Kena’s journey, with her magnetic visual frame and well-balanced gameplay, is one of those beginnings that you don’t forget.

Waiting to know what the next gen of virtual reality will reserve for us with Sony’s already announced new viewer, the prize as PS VR of the year is up to Hitman 3. The sandbox experience in the company of Agent 47 knows in VR a new dimension, becoming more enveloping than ever. In addition, the support was extended to the first two episodes of the saga. And we close the list with the most anticipated game of 2022 and beyond. The public of the Playstation Blog voted for a title that will arrive on our shelves only in 2023: we are talking about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the adventure with protagonists Peter Parker and Miles Morales that managed to overcome

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