The Best Nft And Play-To-Earn Games: Which Ones To Choose At The Beginning Of 2022?

The universe of blockchain-based games is expanding with more or less interesting titles and concepts, sometimes yet complex to find because of the incessant publication and presentation of new projects.

During the year we will try to focus on this point, the discovery of the most interesting and promising projects as we become aware of it. For the time being, however, we need to take stock of the situation on the games most popular at the beginning of the new year.


In our study of the best metaverses we have also and especially talked about Decentraland: a Metaverse, precisely, in which the user is called to live his own digital adventures in a world in which every piece, including the earth on which he walks, is In reality, the Metaverse is not only a game that is end in itself. In fact, it is a world in continuous evolution, decentralized and totally digital in which to live experiences, socialize and why not, also earn money. The game currency is MANA, with a value in the real world, while each object and block of land is an NFT and can be purchased or auctioned.

The Sandbox

You can’t talk about blockchain worlds without quoting the game where you can become Snoop Dogg’s neighbors. We are talking about the highly anticipated The Sandbox, a Metaverse that, like Decentraland, integrates assets of any kind all registered on blockchain and therefore marketable. The most intriguing part of the project is probably the ability to create games on The Sandbox for free using the tools made available by the team, and then sell them by enriching the game universe with new elements. The official currency of this digital world is called SAND and is a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged even on major exchange, while the plots of land are named LAND and these are also available for auction. Unfortunately, however, the high demands have made it particularly expensive to buy digital land on Decentraland and The Sandbox.

Gods Unchained

We have already talked about Immutable’s last effort in our last in-depth study of Gods Unchained, a collectable card game where assets are just the content of the bags and decks. Each collectable card represents an NFT and the game mechanics remind in some ways Magic The Gathering and HeartStone. Inside the game, you can buy and sell according to a particular play-to-earn model that allows you to earn and spend GODS, a cryptocurrency currently already listed on major exchanges, including Coinbase.


You’ve heard of this exploration game. This is a free roaming with battles in Auto-Battler mode where we will be called to collect and deploy our Illuvial, magical creatures that will accompany us during our adventures. To ensure the depth of the gameplay will think about classes, affinities and bonuses to get by strategically combining our friends on the board to achieve synergistic effects. The play-to-earn mode here is implemented precisely in the game creatures that are nothing but NFTs, collectable for rarity or particular editions.

Axie Infinity

We could not help but conclude the roundup of the most interesting titles of 2021 and early 2022 except with one of the most iconic game models of the lot. Let’s talk about Axie Infinity’s NFT Metaverse developed by Sky Mavis. In this game world, the user is invited to raise and train colorful virtual creatures to be deployed on the battlefield with Pokémon memory modes. During the game, you will be rewarded through SLP (Smooth Love Potion) which can then be exchanged in turn in the most common exchanges.

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