The Ascent On Ps4 And Ps5: Is The Release Imminent? The Esrb Rating Suggests This

After passing the Taiwanese board rating, the PS4 and PS5 version of The Ascent is also evaluated by the US ESRB to receive the new evaluation in view of an exit that now seems really imminent.

The American body responsible for the classification of video games in the process of being commercialized assigns PlayStation’s transpositions to the same rating as the already available PC, Xbox One and Series X/S versions.

The card accompanying the ESRB evaluation also takes up the synopsis of the game to expand it with a description of the factors that contribute to making The Ascent a title with the rating “Mature 17+,” corresponding to the European PEGI 18. Almost certainly, the PlayStation versions of The Ascent will also include all updates published by Swedish developers in recent months to overcome the critical issues and bugs identified when launching on Microsoft ecosystem platforms, including remedial patches for gamep balancing

We hope to receive a confirmation or denial from Neon Giant as soon as possible on the indications of the American and Taiwanese board ratings for the imminent arrival of The Ascent on PS4 and PlayStation 5. Meanwhile, we leave you with our review of The Ascent on PC and Xbox consoles, with all the considerations and analyses of Gabriele Laurino on the content and the playful experience offered by the action cyberpunk.

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