The Anacrusis, New Video: The First 15 Minutes Of Fps Coop For Pc, Xbox And Game Pass

With the release date of The Anacrusis now confirmed, Stray Bombay’s team plunges back into the FPS dimension of his next coop experience and re-emerges on with a video showing the first few minutes of gamep

The introductory sequence of Anacrusis, as often happens in similar projects, allows us to familiarize ourselves with the play dynamics of a title that will base its offer of play on exploration and collaboration.

To those who are only approaching this title, we remind that The Anacrusis sees users playing Nessa, Guion, Lance and Liu, four unlikely heroes survived the devastation caused by the alien invasion of a huge space station. Each player will have to work with the other survivors to face the dangerous threat posed by alien invaders, all within a scenario that echoes the “70s retrofuturismo”: the indie development team promises to further extend the perimeter

Before leaving you to the above video, please note that The Anacrusis will be available from January 13 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass. To stay on the subject, here you will find our in-depth on the new free games of January on Xbox Game Pass.

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