Tga 2021: World Premiere Of An Important Exclusive Xbox Is Coming, According To An Insider

The rumor and rumor about The Game Awards 2021 is intensifying. In view of this highly anticipated video-gaming show, the insider and journalist Andy Robinson has looked out on social media to underline that, according to his sources, the World Premiere of an important exclusive Xbox is planned.

VideoGamesChronicle editor with a past as Playtonic writer, among the most reliable in the topic of leaks concerning the Xbox Game Studios (but not only, just think about the anticipations on GTA remasters), believes

In suggesting the arrival of this important announcement without giving further details on the title concerned, Robinson thus feeds the already heated discussion that is holding the table on social and industry forums these days for the noisy presence of Fable and Adowed at the Game Award

To confirm or deny it, we have to wait until the ceremony of the TGA 2021 that will be held in a few hours, in the night between 9 and 10 December. Before leaving you to comment, we remind you that the Twitch of Everyeye for the Game Awards has already begun and will continue until dawn tomorrow, Friday, December 10.

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