Tga 2021, This Is Keighley: 4 Or 5 Ads On Elden Ring’s Gameplay Reveal Level

While preparations for The Game Awards 2021 are under way, the journalist and presenter of the Geoff Keighley show gives an interview to USA Today to announce the arrival of several World Premiere on the level of the gameplay reve

The organizer of the TGA 2021 begins his speech recalling the great effort made by the individual development houses that are preparing to present their projects to the public: “For the reveal of Elden Ring it took two or three years of work. It was extremely awaited and there was an immense demand from the players, but developers didn’t feel ready and there was a lot of pressure accumulated. This is the thing that people don’t realize: regardless of the stage of development of a game, sometimes the creator simply doesn’t feel ready to show them yet.”

Returning to Elden Ring’s gameplay reveal and the surprises in store with the World Premiere of the Game Awards 2021, Keighley explains that “I was very happy to present that trailer because it was fantastic, a great I was extraordinarily excited about that trailer. What will happen to TGA 2021? Well, we’re probably going to show four or five things at the level of Elden Ring’s video and I’m looking forward to revealing them! […] It was a great honor to work with the boys from From, so stay tuned, maybe there might be other opportunities for collaboration.”

What’s cooking from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles? We will discover it in the night between December 9th and 10th, but we will follow carefully the entire route that will lead us to the Keighley show through the Everyeye marathon on Twitch for the Game Awards 2021 that we are preparing

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