Tga 2021: Steelrising And Homeworld 3 Confirmed, Rumors On Alan Wake 2 Increased

A few hours after the beginning of The Game Awards 2021, the number of developers is growing, announcing their participation in the most anticipated video game show this year. The latest confirmations concern Steelrising and Homeworld 3, with the background the increasingly pressing rumors about the presence of Alan Wake 2.

After the announcement of the new video of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League at TGA 2021, other software houses are looking out on social media to tickle the curiosity of their fans and invite them to attend the event

From their respective profiles, Blackbird Interactive and Spiders’ studio representatives urged ski-fi enthusiasts and proficient action players to follow the Game Awards carefully to admire the World Premiere The two expected communicative windows that will be opened on these two projects will give players the chance to assist, presumably, in cinematic scenes accompanied by some gameplay pieces.

Less obvious, but certainly not less interesting, are then the reflections that the well-known insider NateTheHate shares with his followers: during the last podcast held on YouTube, the “deep angle” of the videogaming industry has been

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