Tga 2021: Neil Druckmann Among The Presenters, News On The Last Of Us 2 Multiplayer?

The Game Awards are getting closer and closer and, a few hours after the beginning of the event organized and conducted by Geoff Keighley, we are confirmed the participation of Neil Druckmann, well-known director of The Last of Us and The La

Unlike last year, during which The Last of Us Part II was proclaimed Game of the Year, there will be no Naughty Dog titles among the protagonists of tonight’s candidates. Druckmann will be presenter for one of the categories included at the 2021 Game Awards, and we are not told anything more at the moment.

Of course, the news has triggered speculation by the players, still in hope of a revelation of the factions mode of The Last of Us Part II. The most accredited corridor entries state that Sony’s study has long been working on a multiplayer-focused project and, if there is an announcement from Druckmann, this seems to be the most plausible. Jason Schreier of Bloomberg also gives for sure the remake of The Last of Us, also suggested by a recently published job announcement online by Sony.

We also know that Druckmann is working on The Last of Us TV series produced by HBO, while Sony continues to produce Uncharted’s film. If there are ever news to share, they could also concern the television and film excursions of the two big franchises of Naughty Dog.

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