Tga 2021: Keighley Does Not Take A Position On The Activision Case, The Event Will Be On The Games

In recent months, the case exploded around Activison-Blizzard and the company’s top management, including CEO Bobby Kotick, has been stirred up. Many have been accused of continuing harassment and discriminatory behaviour against the female staff of the company, but it seems that Geoff Keighley will not address the issue at TGA 2021.

Although it is obviously against the company’s policy of which many employees have paid the consequences in recent years, Keighley wants to focus on games and will ensure that developers can use his show to present their titles. For this reason, the topic will be “traveled” and Activision will not be boycotted during the event.

“[Keighley] stated that he had provided support to people who came forward with their stories, but also that they did not want to diminish the developers’ opportunities to highlight their games,” reports the Washington Post. “We need to think very carefully about how to proceed,” he added in the interview.

Over the last few years, Keighley has become an increasingly central figure in industry, and very often his most anticipated shows are related to the gaming world. For this reason, many would have expected a strong stand by the presenter who – as some have mentioned on ResetEra – took the sides of Hideo Kojima when the director was prevented from attending the 2015 TGAs due to What do you think about that?

Please note that from 15:00 on Thursday 9 December will start a marathon on the Twitch channel of dedicated to The Game Awards 2021.

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