Tga 2021: Horizon 5 And It Takes Two Force Conquer The Largest Number Of Trophies

With Josef Fares’s sparkling intervention for the GOTY at It Takes Two, the curtain on The Game Awards 2021 has officially dropped, one of the most “surprising” editions of the organized videogaming event

Unlike the past years, in fact, this time the video gaming show of the TGA has not seen “absolute triumphants” that, as happened in the past with The Last of Us 2 or Red Dead Redemption 2, have managed to make inc

The extraordinary balance between the triple kolossal A and indie gems marketed in the last 12 months is reflected in the number of trophies won by the most successful video games of the event, that is Force Horizon 5 and It Takes T The first one prevailed in the Innovation in Accessibility, Best Sports/Racing and Best Audio Design categories, while the second one was awarded the Best Multiplayer, Best Family and the prestigious

The open-world arcade racing of Playground Games and Hazelight’s cooperative adventure have therefore received three statues each. The results achieved by the English subsidiary of the Xbox Game Studios and the team headed by Fares are feeding a heated discussion on social media. Many people wonder, for example, how it was possible for the event organizers not to include Force Horizon 5 among the GOME Awards 2021 GOTY candidates, by virtue of the primacy gained from the Playground driving experience.

Before leaving you to the comments, a little curiosity: for the second consecutive year, the prize for the most awaited video game of the Game Awards was won by Elden Ring, the soulslike fantasy of FromSoftware by now

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