Tga 2021 And Beyond: Keighley Dreams More Demos Like Matrix Awakens And P.T. In Future Shows

Reflecting on the prospects offered by the videogaming industry and technological evolution, Geoff Keighley points out that the 2021 Game Awards may have given impetus to the future trend of industry events with “Interactive World Premiere” to download on

The TGA presenter obviously refers to The Matrix Awakens, the amazing tech demo of Unreal Engine 5 unveiled and launched on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in closing of the latest show

In his latest social media talk, Keighley tells of how it is “still stunned by the demo of Matrix Awakens, full of nextgen gameplay to enjoy for free. Epic really has outdone himself. Here, in the future I want to do more things like this: announce a game or experience nextgen and give people the opportunity to play it at home, merging the emotions of the show with those of the gameplay. This is the future.”

The videogaming celebrity also recalls another, famous demo playable like that of P.T., the Playable Teaser of the never-born Silent Hills by Hideo Kojima: “When Hideo created P. With cloud technology advancing, imagine if one day you could admire a show like The Game Awards and ‘play’ the World Premiere as they are announced. Short sequence of 5 or 10 minutes. One day we’ll get there…”

While waiting to find out if (but especially when) the future projected by Keighley will succeed in realizing itself, we refer to our deepening with all the announcements of The Game Awards 2021.

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