Terraria On Nintendo Switch: The Huge Update Journey’s End Is Available

After the launch of Terraria Journey’s End on PlayStation and Xbox, ReLogic’s boys and 505 Games publishers celebrate the arrival on Nintendo Switch of the huge free expansion that

The update that brings the sandbox adventure to version 1.4 brings in dowry on Switch an incredible amount of new content, in addition to a plethora of optimizations, improvements and integrations to the endgame progression of the cult

Once installed on Switch, the update opens the Journey’s End version of Terraria, thus ensuring access to hundreds of new creatures (cataloged in the new Bestiario), a mini-game inspired by golf, many biomes Space also to important revisions to graphics, to the individual elements that make up the interface and, above all, to the addition of over 5,000 objects, the Master mode and parameters to change the weather conditions or the regeneration times of monsters.

ReLogic’s commitment and passion enabled the team led by Spinks to win, with Terraria and the huge expansion Journey’s End, the “Act of Love” Award at the recent Steam Awards

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