Tencent Buys Turtle Rock: Is The Team Of Back 4 Blood, Left 4 Dead And Evolve

After taking care to launch Tencent’s Level Infinite brand, the top of the Chinese gaming giant announces that they have finalised the acquisition of Turtle Rock, the Californian studio known all over the world for its gunshots.

Turtle Rock’s entry into Tencent’s subsidiary family is at the same time as the acquisition of Slamfire, the parent company of the American software house. Turtle Rock’s general manager Steve Goldstein celebrates this marriage by declaring that “we look forward to joining the Tencent study family. Thanks to its exceptional partners, its global scope, deep knowledge of the video gaming industry and its unconditional support will help us create video games of our dreams, while allowing us to maintain our autonomy and our independent spirit.”

In this new adventure as a subsidiary of Tencent, Turtle Rock will not be upset and will maintain the current management organizational structure, starting with co-founders Phil Robb and Chris Ashton who will continue to be at the top It is also specified that Tencent’s acquisition of Turtle Rock will have no effect on the post-launch support of Back 4 Blood, the cooperative shooter created under the aegis of Warner Bros. Games.

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