Tekken 7, Two More Versions Come In: Originals And Definitive Edition Content

Not even the time to enjoy the release of Tekken 7 Legendary Edition in physical version that Bandai Namco offers two more editions for the seventh chapter of his famous hitch, this time designed for a digital distribution exclusively.

Tekken 7 Originals Edition and Definitive Edition are available for download on PCs and on PlayStation and Xbox systems, both rich in content as illustrated by the announce trailer spread by developers. Originals, sold at the price of 99.99 euros, will offer players the basic game, 12 additional characters (i.e. the original fighters of the series, thus excluding guest stars Geese Howard, Noctis Lucis Caelum and Negan) The Definitive, with a cost of 119.99 euros, provides instead all the integral contents distributed after the launch of the game, including the bonus character Eliza, the four Season Passes, the additional arenas and the various sets of personalization aesthetics

The name given to these editions suggests that the post-launch support of Tekken 7 is most likely to have reached its conclusion more than four years after the debut of the game on console. Previously, a Bandai Namco patent suggested the development of Tekken 8: we start talking about the future of the franchise, although at the moment there is no official confirmation of the existence of the eighth chapter.

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