Tax Credit Videogames Is Operational: The Requests For Tax Breaks Are On The Way

The announcement of the Tax Credit dedicated to video games was shared by the Ministers Dario Franceschini and Daniele Franco during May this year. Now, the initiative has become fully operational.

The videogaming companies intending to apply for the granting of tax concessions provided for by the legislation can in fact proceed with the compilation of the specific application. The first session for the submission of applications became operational on 15 December 2021, and will remain so until 31 January 2022. To apply, creative workshops will have to proceed through the appropriate online portal, accessible with the following link:

The granting of the facilities will allow the selected development teams to benefit from a tax credit equal to 25% of the cost of production of their video game, within a ceiling of one million euros. However, we would point out that in order to have access to Tax Credit, a number of requirements will have to be met, including:

Legal seat within the European Economic Area;

Be subject to Italian taxation by reason of tax domicile or by the presence of a permanent establishment in Italy;

Share capital and equity not less than EUR 10,000 each;

A figure not less than the recognised tax credit must be spent within the European Economic Area;

The video game that is the subject of the application must be “culturally valuable” at the indispensable judgment of a special commission;

The tax credit may not exceed 50% of the eligible cost of the video game;

The deadline for submitting applications for the concession, we remember, is 31 January 2022.

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