Take-Two: Gta’s Publisher Acquires Roll7, Authors Of Olliolli World

Over the last few hours, Roll7 was officially acquired by the private division, one of the companies under Take-Two control.

This means that Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption publisher indirectly acquired the OlliOlli development team, the famous skateboard title that should soon be released from a new chapter called OlliOlli Thanks to the officialization of the acquisition, it has also been revealed that Roll7 is not dealing exclusively with the third chapter of the arcade series, but also with a new project not yet announced and we will probably know more about it only after the launch of Olli In any case, both the title in the work and the next games of the software house will be published under the Private Division label and should not show the Take-Two brand. The news was accompanied by statements by the CEO of Roll7, Simon Bennett, who said he was particularly happy to be part of a publisher of this magnitude and that thanks to this move the team could grow further.

Waiting to find out what’s boiling in the pot in Roll7, we remind you that on our pages you find the trial of OlliOlli World.

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