Switch: Metroid Prime Remaster And A New Fire Emblem In 2022, According To A Rumor

Insider Nate the Hate has recently released a new video on its YouTube channel, through which he revealed some possible anticipations regarding the 2022 lineupe of Nintendo Switch. If the information shared were to prove to be well-founded, it could be an important year for hybrid console owners.

According to the insider, Nintendo would be working on a remastered version of Metroid Prime, to be published during the second half of the year. Through this operation, the Kyoto house intends to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original title published in 2002 on GameCube. There are no updates regarding Metroid Prime 4, which remains without a launch date and of which we know little since the announcement in 2017.

Nate the Hate throws more gasoline on the fire by declaring that a new chapter in the Fire Emblem series will see light during 2022. According to the insider the game is developed by the authors of Fire Emblem Three Houses, one of the most appreciated titles by the owners of Switch, and will enjoy numerous technical improvements, both in terms of graphics and performance. The series should also be enriched in 2023 with a remake of Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War.

Of course we have no confirmation regarding the information revealed by the insider, so we recommend as usual to take the reported with the pliers and wait for any confirmation or denial by Nintendo.

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