Switch: 5.3 Million Units In 2021 In Japan, More Than Ps5 And Xbox Series X Combined

Nintendo Switch enjoyed an undisputed domain in Japan during 2021. The Kyoto Home Console family, which has been including the OLED model for a few months, has collected 5.3 million units sold in the Levant Sun country over the last 12 months, with different lengths of both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

The figures reached by Nintendo Switch in 2021 are more than five times higher than the numbers reached by the other combined consoles. Unstoppable success driven by games like Monster Hunter Rise and Metroid Dread that makes the next-gen consoles of Sony and Microsoft pale. According to VGChartz’s estimates, Switch is at 100 million pieces globally.

In this annual ranking we find PlayStation 5 in second position, which despite being far from the performances on the market obtained by Switch, managed to sell 10 times as much as Xbox Series X Plus. We know, moreover, that Microsoft is not exactly the brand

Even PlayStation 4 managed to sell 8,000 more than the Xbox Series X Plus in Japan, while Nintendo 3DS has placed nearly 30,000 units in total.

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