Super Smash Bros Ultimate: The Panda Controller Sbanca Kickstarter But Gets Deleted

Despite over $1.6 million collected on Kickstarter, Panda Hardware representatives surprise the community by deciding to block the Panda Controller project, a platform for Super Sma pro player

In confirming the early closure of the crowdfunding campaign and the repayment of the sums invested by private Bakers, the representatives of the Philadelphia company explain that “since the opening of the campaign on Kickstarter we have been informed of The main problems we had to deal with were factory blackouts in China, delays in distribution, shortages of stocks and the impact of the covid on production. All these factors made it impossible for us to guarantee the shipment of the Panda Controller in the time window indicated to the Bakers, that is, December 2022.”

The uncertainty resulting from the semiconductor crisis and logistical problems associated with the Coronavirus pandemic makes it impossible for the Panda Hardware team to determine a new launch window for the controller, hence the painful decision to delete their Kick campaign

The device designed by Panda Hardware would have been characterized by a high level of customization: in addition to the design inspired by the Nintendo GameCube pad, the controller would in fact offer interchangeable covers, adjustments for the height of the ana The launch price would be $90, in line with the mid-high band pads already on the market but considerably less than the $400 and more required by the pro players of Smash Bros Ultimate (and more generally of games beaten) to find a

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