Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Sakurai Recalls Iwata: ‘I Have Completed My Mission’

With the publication of the latest update of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the post-launch support for the Nintendo home beaten, which has ended its journey in beauty, welcoming the protagonist of Kingdom Hearts in its roster.

With Sora’s entrance, Masahiro Sakurai wanted to remember the late Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo who passed away a few years ago. Differently, the game director had revealed how Super Smash Bros Ultimate represented his “final mission,” assigned to him by the leader of the Kyoto giant himself.

Now that post-launch support to the batten is over, the international editorial staff of IGN has had the opportunity to interview Masahiro Sakurai. During the conversation, the director was asked if he felt he had successfully completed the assignment. A question to which the author of Super Smash Bros Ultimate wanted to answer with extreme simplicity: “Yes, – he confirmed – I think I have managed to fully carry out this task”.

We would point out that there is currently no information on a possible new chapter in the series. Masahiro Sakurai is not sure that he can make a new Super Smash Bros, but he did not want to categorically exclude the possibility, limiting himself to announcing a temporary regenerating break from the world of video game development.

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