Suicide Squad And The Day Before: The Games To Watch In 2022

Here is the second part of our video about multiplatform games that are coming out in 2022 (and hopefully not later) to be kept an eye on in the coming months. Here we will deal with the titles ranging from the letter O to W.

From here to the end of the year, the video game enthusiasts’ agenda promises to be extremely busy with appointments, some of which are really unmissable. For example, fans of the Saints Row and Shadow Warrior series look eagerly to launch the reboot and the third chapter of the two iconic action experiences, and the same applies to the sufferers of Batman Ark And what about Sonic Frontiers, The Devil in Me, who will close the first Dark Pictures Anthology and Star Ocean the Divine Force?

The video playlist of 2022 will then be full of new IP extremely promising, just think of the action in NieR Project EVE style or MMO survival The Day Before tha TLOU and The Division

For further information, please stay on the pages and read our latest special on multi-platform games to be monitored in 2022, where you can find many ideas for reflection on the next titles that will keep us company during the next few If you missed it, here you will find the first part of the 2022 special from Elden Ring to Hogwarts Legacy.

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