Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Is Open World?

The last effort on the final fantasy theme of the Ninja Team, which in the past used the Square Enix license to develop Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, will be released on March 18, 2022. The title aims to combine the essence of the JRPG series with the adrenaline of the fights seen in the Souls, but what do we know about the structure of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin?

The series created by Hironobu Sakaguchi’s genius is renowned for doing various experiments in mechanics between a game and the other, also focusing strongly on open worlds that have characterized it since its inception. However, as Stranger of Paradise dares to play a lot, developers have already said that it will not be an Open World, but a video game based on levels and dungeons. To confirm this is Fumihiko Yasuda, producer of the title and director of both Nioh. Behind the decision would be the will to offer a solid and rigorous level design, that will accompany players to conquer the settings without the risk of leading to a dispersive experience.

Did you know that Saturday, December 18th is the birthday of the first Final Fantasy? Square Enix intends to celebrate this anniversary by revealing the connection between the original Final Fantasy and Stranger of Paradise. On the pages of you can also find information on the difficulty levels of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin.

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