Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Is An Alternative Version Of Final Fantasy 1

Team Ninja, already author of the two highly regarded chapters of the Nioh series, is working on Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, a spin-off of the JRPG saga in Square-Enix that turns decisively

The Japanese software house has deepened several aspects of production through the publication of a new post on the PlayStation Blog. First of all, it is clarified how Stranger of Paradise will represent an alternative version of the original Final Fantasy, and how Jack and his transformation into Garland will be involved in this process.

“I think a good antagonist should have a clear reason why he became a bad guy first, so I heard that deepening that aspect of Garland would be interesting,” said the priducer Jin Fujiwara. “In Final Fantasy 1, you see him from the beginning of the game as a knight who embraced the darkness, but history never deepens the reason why he took that path. We see the story of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin as an “alternative revisiting” of Final Fantasy 1, it’s easy to imagine it in a parallel universe.”

Throughout history, several points will be touched in common with the final fantasy created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, and will often cross the same places as the original JRPG, including the bridge north of Cornelia and the town of Pravoka

The attention to Jack’s change will also be reflected in gameplay and aesthetic representation, which will try to collide the brutality of the darkness that assails the protagonist with the aesthetic canons that distinguish the series The first one we presented as a concept was ‘Soul Burst’. We had initially considered something more bloody, but in the end we opted for a crystallized representation, to combine that presentation with the beauty of Final Fantasy,” the words of the game director Nobumichi Kumabe.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin will be released on March 18, 2022 on PC (only in digital format on Epic Store), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X”S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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