Stlker 2 Postponed, Rumor Confirmed: The Post-Apocalyptic Kolossal Sled 7 Months

The development team of the Game World GCS confirms the recent rumors about the postponement of STALKER 2 and, with an open letter published through its social profiles, officially announce the postponement of the post-apocalyptic kolossal.

The ambitious survival horror in development at the Ukrainian software house of GSC will see the light of the shops with several months of delay compared to the marketing date originally scheduled for 28 April 2022.

As the authors of STALKER 2 explain, behind the decision to postpone the release of Heart of Chernobyl by seven months, there is the need to guarantee the quality standards desired by the developers and requested by the many fans who look with great interest to this project that

The GC Game World team chooses to move the release date of STALKER 2 to the next 8 December 2022 on PC and Xbox Series X, with immediate landing in the Xbox Game Pass playground. The GCS tweet, however, does not refer to launch platforms, as a result no further rumors from Ukraine about the possible arrival at the end of the year or in 2023 of STALKER 2 on PS5 are denied or confirmed.

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