Steelrising: Mad Automatons Rewrite The French Revolution In The Video Of The Game Awards

As promised on the days preceding the TGA 2021, Spiders attended the Los Angeles show organized by Geoff Keighley to showcase a new trailer of Steelrising, the action adventure coming out in 2022 on

The last effort of the authors of Technomancer and Greedfall will use the literary trick of the ucronia to tell a parallel version and in a steampunk key of the French Revolution. The title will in fact ask us to fight against an army of sentient automatons deployed by King Louis XVI in defense of his home taken by the rebels.

The total absence of a consciousness will make these mechanical beings of real monsters from the brutality without equal, a trait that will distinguish both the actions and, of course, the fighting system to be adopted in order to be able to break them down.

The purpose of our alter-ego will be to help the inhabitants of Paris to free their city from the dark forces of the hated despot: just take a look at the new trailer to get an idea of the narrative experience

Steelrising is scheduled to be marketed in June 2022, strictly exclusively for the latest generation of systems, i.e. only on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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