Steam: The Global Banged Version In China, Available Only 103 Games

According to TheGaerm’s report, the global version of Steam was banned in China. Currently, the Chinese adaptation of the Valve platform offers users a limited number of 103 games, which pale in front of the more than 1,100 instead of the international version.

Fortnite’s reliable leader and dataminer Ricky Owens (alias iFireMonkey) was the first to notice the anomaly, and tweeted a screenshot where we see the name of Steam The Verge editorial staff carried out a verification using the Comparitech tool, which can detect blocked portals in China. Trying to enter the website “,” the tool indicates that Gabe Newell’s marketplace has been blocked in all areas of the Asian country. However, “” – the Chinese version of the digital platform launched last February – seems to be easily accessible.

In this way, Counter Strike Global Offensive and DOTA 2 remain the only mainstream games on Steam, but it is equally important to point out how missing all the community features of the platform, including Steam Workshop, the

China’s relationship with video games is still controversial, after the Asian government has already imposed the three hours of gaming for minors, and has activated a facial recognition system, considered by many invasive, to prevent the kids from playing for too long until late at night. We also remember that a popular title such as Fortnite was closed in China.

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