Steam, The Best Games Of 2021: The Top 20 Of The Pc Community, Bad Battlefield And Fifa

With the end of the year now on the horizon, it is time to draw the balance on this complicated 2021 video game. Marked by postics and the semiconductor crisis, the last twelve months have brought to the market productions that are very valuable.

To get an idea of the games that have been most appreciated by the international community, the SteamDB portal has written an interesting ranking. Using the public’s appreciation as a reference point, the latter has reordered the new releases of 2021. To emerge, it is an unexpected ranking, which sees in the first positions very small productions. Below, we will bring you the Top 20 identified by SteamDB:

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator: 96.33% positive ratings; Dyson Sphere Program: 96.10% positive ratings; Rhythm Doctor: 95.84% positive ratings; Firework: 95.78% positive ratings

Among the best known productions, we can definitely mention the winner of the GOTY at The Game Awards 2021, but also the highly appreciated, also awarded with many awards. Space also to, true Indies gem, experimental Before Your Eyes and Viking adventure. The reception of the Steam community for major releases of the year, which are located respectively at 10,234 and 10,351, is definitely negative.

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