Steam Deck: New Images Reveal The Package And Its Contents

Over the last few hours, many new images have appeared online with the star Steam Deck, the long-awaited portable console that Valve has recently been able to observe in detail the final packaging.

As you can see in the images at the bottom of the news, the packaging of the new hardware Valve is particularly simple and, once opened, allows you to immediately observe two sections: the one on the left, smaller, is entirely dedicated to the instrumentation useful to the charging of the The company’s decision to write on the inner surface of the package the names in all the languages of the places where it will be possible to play with the console, so as to give the player the idea that thanks to this new hardware there will be no limits in this sense

Please note that the exit of the console was postponed a few weeks ago by Valve and the shipments of the first units will not take place in December 2021 but in the first months of next year. Meanwhile, Steam Deck captures Valve’s attention and, according to the latest rumors, the company could be working on a Half-Life spin-off that can enhance the features of portable hardware.

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