Steam Deck Is A Splinter In The Fast Resume Of Games: Peter During Reflections

Former modder and current PH3 Manager Peter “During” Thoman looks enthusiastically at Steam Deck hardware and, in discussing the tests he is conducting with the devkit of the portable console of valve, spends words on the

By exchanging a few words with the participants of the MetaCuncil forum, During the meeting he provided interesting information on the computational capabilities and performance of Steam Deck, especially regarding the Fast Suspend / Resume function linked to the closure

Judging by what PH3 Games boss explained, “Deck’s Fast Suspend/Resume has become much faster with the latest system software update. Now it literally takes a second or two to restart the apps.” During the same period, however, he emphasized that he had not yet carried out in-depth tests on stability but that he “limited” to notice a significant improvement in the speed of rebooting of the games installed on the internal hard drive of his devkit (

The PH3 Games manager also explains that he observed an improvement in the framerate of Windows PC video games performed by the Steam Deck operating system based on Proton: these improvements also extend to features such as supersampling, particularly important to ensure a

Before leaving you to comments, we remind you that Steam Deck will be available from 2022. If you missed them, here you will find the latest images of the Steam Deck package, a packaging to say the least “unusual” for a device that aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by approaching traditional gaming to

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