Steam Deck: Chargers, Battery Life And Functionality, Speaks A Developer

While waiting to get your hands on the waiting Steam Deck, new details emerge from the network on the features and functionality of the portable console license plate Valve, in particular on charging times and battery life.

Source of this new information is Boiling Steam, an anonymous developer with direct access to the Steam Deck development kit. According to his words, the postponement of Valve’s portable console is not only due to the lack of semiconductors that afflict the market but also to the state of the work on SteamOS: the operating system of the device would need in fact additional finishing. The developer said: “They were not convinced that despite the improvements made to SteamOS 3.0 between August and October, the system would be ready for December.”

Speaking of Steam Deck hardware, Boiling Steam said that the battery life of the console should allow 2 to 5 hours of play, depending on the load of the APU, while the loading time between the internal SSD and the board Valve would then be working on a kind of “Quick Resume,” which should come after the release. The developer finally said he was better on Steam Deck than Nintendo Switch, especially for long sessions, thanks to its special design and weight distribution.

There is now little time to the debut of the console of Valve: Steam Deck will arrive in February and the American giant has guaranteed that there will be no further referrals.

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