State Of Decay 3 Will Shoot On Unreal Engine 5: Microsoft Expands Undead Labs Studies

With an update to the LinkedIn tab by Simon Sherr, the director of Undead Labs animations confirms, albeit indirectly, the previous indications on the use of Unreal Engine 5 for the development of State of Decay 3. But not only that.

Undead Labs Director of Animation Technology reports that Microsoft’s Xbox division has opened a new studio in Orlando (Florida) specifically dedicated to the creation of nextgen video game animations based on Unreal En

Sherr’s statements are quite unequivocal: “I am directing the work on State of Decay 3 animations at a new study related to the Undead Labs and dedicated to the development of technologies on Unreal Engine 5. The team is part of the Xbox Game Studios as an internal subsidiary of Undead Labs and collaborates with other companies in Xbox studies to promote collaboration between software houses involved in the creation of animations and advanced technologies.”

The words of the director of Undead Labs Orlando animations, therefore, confirm both the use of the latest generation Epic Games graphic engine for the development of State of Decay 3 on PC and Xbox Series X/S and, Back to chapter three of Undead Labs’ epic survival horror, in recent months the subsidiary of Xbox Game Studios has published work announcements for talents interested in developing State of Decay 3 with photogrammetry

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