State Of Decay 3, Undead Labs Expands: Ea And Volition Veterans Hired

Announced in the summer of 2020, State of Decay 3 lost track of its own. Its arrival on PC and Xbox Series X/S seems to be still far away and it is not given to know when it will be shown to the public again. However, Undead Labs continues to work hard on it and, to bring development to the full, the team is expanding.

In fact, in recent times, the American studio based in Seattle has seen the arrival of several veterans of the industry with various experiences in the realization of Triple A projects. In addition to having assumed a key figure of the reboot of Saints Row for the

Simon Sherr, who helped create the tech demo The Matrix Awakens, has recently joined the company, and we already know that Microsoft has expanded Undead Labs’ studies for the development of State. With the arrival of a large number of experts in AAA development, there is now a great curiosity to discover how Microsoft is proceeding with the creation of its future exclusive.

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