State Of Decay 2 Evolves: Undead Labs Disrupts The Infestation System

With the State of Decay 3 project on Unreal Engine 5 taking more and more shape on nextgen, the team at Undead Labs turns their attention to State of Decay 2 to introduce a new system of Infesta

During a streaming event organized by the subsidiary of Xbox Game Studios to discuss the surprises that await the explorers of State of Decay 2 during the year just begun, the System Designer Larry Wu confirmed the important changes

The exponent of the American software house emphasizes in fact that “our new vision on the Sieges consists in completely replacing the random assaults of the zombies with a system based on the hordes of the Infestations.”

The change made by Undead Labs is already active on the public test server of the PC version and will soon be active on the official servers of the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S versions. The changes implemented by the American authors address the hordes of The increased danger to survivors will be balanced by an interactive detection system that will send notifications on the map that allow players to prepare for the imminent invasion of undead directed towards one of their enclaves.

While waiting to experience the new Infestation system and its effects on gameplay, we invite you to read this guide with 10 tips to survive in State of Decay 2.

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