Starfield For Pc And Xbox Series X: The New Artwork Takes Us To A Mysterious Cave

We haven’t had the chance to admire Starfield’s gameplay yet, but Bethesda lets us once again enjoy the wonderful illustrations that her artistic team has worked on in anticipation of the launch set at the end of next year.

The new evocative illustration of Starfield, to which you can take a look through the twitter at the bottom, takes us to a mysterious cave that we can explore in-game. As the artork caption suggests, it is a place rich in treasures on which we can get our hands on during our interstellar journey: “What wonders will you discover in the distant caves?” There is no doubt that in Starfield we will have the opportunity to move freely in the wide and expansive spaces of the alien worlds, however the impression is that the game will also be rich in more limited and rich places of mystery.

Unfortunately, this is all Bethesda has decided to give us for Christmas, and to have a more full taste of the space work of Microsoft’s studio we will still have to wait a little ‘time. Todd Howard has in any case assured that Starfield’s development is progressing well, and that the team has recently made great progress during the work.

Starfield will be released on November 11, 2022 on Windows PC and Xbox Series X Plus consoles.

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